The Upper East Side is awash with excellent art. Craig Starr Gallery is showing Jeff Koons appropriated steel sculptures of Jim Bean Trains complete with sealed bottles of scotch. Down the street, at Perrotin Gallery, Xavier Veilhan's music producer sculptures created by computer technology is on view.
Upstairs from Perrotin, at Dominque Levy's gallery, is a beautiful exhibit of Kazuo Shiraga's paintings, that were made using his feet. He was a key member of of Jiro Yoshihara's Gutai movement formed in 1954. Mnuchin gallery is also showing Shiraga's paintings.
The pictographic painting by German artist A.R. Penck are at Michael Werner. Per Skarsdedt is showing works by another German artist, the late Gunter Forg who created paintings on lead supports. At Venus Over Manhttan is a dazzling exhibit of Peter Saul's paintings from1962-1973 that were collected by the late Alan Frumkin, the New York and Chicago art dealer who literally saved the wonderful American artist from starving in Paris.

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