Sharon Katz has been working with luxury residential designers and consumers for over twenty years and has been tracking trends in interiors.

When furnishing your home, design, comfort and function are always important factors. As far as comfort is concerned, there’s nothing more relaxing than a recliner and yet it generally conjures up negative images of a clunky, unsophisticated chair. You’ll be surprised to learn that this doesn’t have to be the case. M2L proudly offers many alternatives that are elegant and sleek with state of the art technology. There are several recliners that are compact yet comfortable and functional so you can relax without compromising on design.

The Puk designed by Simon Penally is a sublime tool for relaxation and a chair you’d be proud to include in your primary living area. It has an invisible recline control and invites you to sit exactly the way you want without sacrificing esthetics.



The Gabo designed by Markus Hartmann appears to be a classic modern chair but it has hidden surprises. It has a concealed mechanism that transforms the Gabo into a perfect recliner. There is a height adjustable fold up headrest, an adjustable reclining backrest and a long footrest hidden below the seat. It is also offered without the functions so if you are in need of a pair of attractive and comfortable chairs and one partner does not require a recliner, the pair appear to match perfectly. Your guests would never imagine that one of the chairs has so many reclining features.



The Smile recliner by Georg Appeltshauser has a patented mechanism that can be stopped at any angle to individualize your comfort. The adjustment is discreetly built into the armrest and it is very user friendly. It is set on a swivel base offered in a multitude of finishes.




Sharon Katz
Director of Residential Design
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